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Amazing Documentaries

Posted on: September 5, 2010

Watched some great documentaries on islamic history, thought i should share them…

What the Ancients Did for Us – The Islamic World

“Series examining the innovations and inventions of ancient civilisations. Adam Hart-Davis builds and tests some of the most extraordinary inventions from the early Islamic World. From soap to torpedoes and from water pumps to windmills Adam shows the lasting effect the Islamic world has left on the technology we use today. Also, reporter Amani Zain tells us the stories behind the golden age of Islamic discovery.” ( description taken from

Click here to watch the above documentary in full screen

When the Moors Ruled in Europe

“Bettany Hughes takes us on a fascinating tour deep into the past as she examines the period of time when the Moors ruled over what would become Spain and Portugal. Ruling for more than 700 years, the Moors and their advanced ideas about agriculture, art and mathematics made major inroads into Dark Ages Europe helping lead the way for the Renaissance.

Over the years Spain’s history keepers have tried to down play the role the Moors played in the development of their history but lately major archealogical advances are throwing whole swathes of fresh light on to the period. Hughes also shows us the incredible mathematic that lay behind the creation of the amazing Alhambra Palace and traces El-Cids Moorish roots.

Also its amazing to think in these troubled times that we are living in is just how integrated the different cultures were, this highly progressive Islamic race right in the heart of Christian Europe attracted thousands of willing converts to their cause.

A highly informative and entertaining documentary that is worth seeking out.” (Description taken from

Click here to watch the above documentary in full screen


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….I think im in love with this section =o !

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