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My volunteering for the homeless experience

Posted on: March 13, 2011

Volunteering at Sandwich Run & Socks for the Homeless

I recently volunteered with a group (Project 417) i found at which distributes lunch bags and socks to the homeless. It was an amaazing experience! I have volunteered before in a similar event of distributing stuff to homeless people hosted by muslim welfare center which was great, but i wanted to get involved with non muslims too so i can show them that muslims care for everyone, and are open minded, not confined to our own community, portray a better image of islam and clear misconceptions (if any). Giving charities & Social work is not just a religious duty, but i feel a moral and social obligation as well, and a way to thank God for all the blessings we have that are taken for granted.

We walked in the streets of downtown toronto passing by homeless shelters and places where street people are seen. We handed sanwhiches and socks which we brought. The smile on peoples faces left our hearts with a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. I have spent alot of time shopping, buying and consuming but never did i find that satisfaction that i do in giving. It was strange to see 5 star hotels, high end restaurants, limousines, brand name clothing stores and homeless people on the same streets. I found this experience spiritually uplifting. At the end, we went to a tim hortons(for those not familiar, tim hortons is a coffee shop franchise in canada), had discussions on various topics & got to know everyone better. It was an amazing experience and i would recommend it to any one living in toronto. At the end of the day, i had made a difference in peoples lives as well as my own life!

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MashaAllah excelent work….jazakAllah!!!!

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