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Learning the 99 names of God

Posted on: September 23, 2011

I accepted a challenge at a blog that i visit sometimes – The challenge was to memorize 99 names of God in Ramadan. Though Ramadan got over and i am running a little late, i am very close to finishing them all.

For those who want to do this, this site  is what i used to learn. It also has the corresponding verse(s) from the Quran for each name. Good Luck!

5 Responses to "Learning the 99 names of God"

Asalamu alaikum!

I am working on this too 🙂

nooice… nooice.. hope its going gud…

Ure doing a really Gud job Aamer! I didnt know u were so spiritual 🙂

Thanks for passing on the challenge! Alhamudllillah this challenge really made me feel a lot more productive over Ramadan. I need to brush up on the names and the meanings though!

A follow up question to this challenge should be to pick some of your favorite names and reflect on them.

ur welcome,, yea, i too realized that it needs constant brushing up … thats a gud idea, reflecting on names engraves them really nice in our memories,i think.
So ill try to reflect of those names that i normally dont remember..

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