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1. Deal with all urgent matters which may distract you in your prayer. If you need to go to the washroom, or you are feeling hungry, deal with these issues first. Pray with a fresh mind. If you have been feeling lazy, take a walk first, workout, brush your teeth (is a sunnah too), put a pleasant smell. Show that you care and are willing to work on it, and If God wills, he will elevate the level of concentration in you prayers.

2. Get away from distractions. Get away from your cell phone for a few minutes. If there are people talking in your room, go to another room or a corner of your home where there is no noise. Work on the quality of prayers first before quantity of prayers. Recognize the value of Prayer, you are connecting with GOD!

3. Don’t let prayer become stale and a boring burden that you just perform like other duties in your routine. Be creative; Try to pray in different places in your house, visit different mosques, recite different chapters in prayer..  Do other good deeds that soften the heart, give charities, get involved in community service, meditate in silence upon yourself, your life, the creations and wonders of God…

4. Recite slowly and understand what you are saying. Ask yourself if you know the meaning of all what you recite while standing, bowing, prostrating, sitting and in between each action. If you can’t understand Arabic, read the meanings of the chapters you usually recite first. Then, when you recite verses in prayer, recall their meanings, ponder upon them, and take lessons from them. This will also help you visualize the verses while in prayer which is helpful. Would you ever like someone beloved to you say words of love and praise you without even meaning them. Then how can you keep on reciting the words of God for God without even caring to know what they mean?

5. Pray like it’s your last prayer. When praying, Imagine that the angel of death is waiting for you to complete and then he will take your soul and depart. Think like, its your last chance to say praise God, ask for forgiveness and testify your faith. After this, You will have to meet God and will leave this temporary life forever. All your pains, troubles, attachments, achievements are not going to come with you.

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