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Last week, i went to montreal for a few days to explore the city. The main difference that i saw apart from the primary language which is french there, was lots of old historic buildings (montreal is relatively old city with lots of history). Going from Toronto, another major change i felt was very less number of asians there. The only minorty was french speaking arabs, haitians, latinos.

The place where i lived was quite busy area sort of like downtown. There was a mosque at about 10mins walking distance which used to close after isha. I used to go there often. One night, I thought of going there for isha prayer and for some reason I thought I was late and the mosque would have been closed. So I went out but started walking in another direction because I thought the mosque would be closed. After sometime, I felt regretful for missing the prayer so I just thought of going to the masjid and I thought what If they didn’t close it? I will atleast pray myself. The whole area where I lived and the area around the mosque had a lot of bars. Since it was a weekend, that streets were very busy, with noise, drunk and weird people. Walking through all that crap to get to masjid was like walking through hell to reach paradise. As I reached the masjid, to my surprise, I found the people bowing in prayer. The prayer was still going on and I was not late! The happiness and peace of mind I felt there, I can’t describe in words. I was thinking about contrast between what was outside the mosque and what was inside, and how I had given up hope of catching the prayer but God made it happen. I rushed to make ablution and joined the prayer. After the prayer, I left the masjid again going through all the mess but with a smile on my face realizing how lucky I was to be among a few handful people who prayed.

I learnt that if your intentions are right, God, by his mercy can guide you make you do good even in the most contrary situations. And if your intentions are bad, then you could be in the holiest place and still be misguided.


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