My Lord! Increase me in knowledge

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Hold on to your dreams of paradise, O Soul!

For soon, they will come to reality.

Death will rescue you when your time has come,

So prepare, like a host in hospitality!

Empty handed you came and empty handed you will go,

Then why do you run after the world in brutality?

Tame yourself to give more and take less,

For in God’s court, worldly assets will become a liability

Admire the worldly rich and get fooled by illusion,

Admire the spiritually rich to rise in spirituality!

Change yourself before the world changes you,

Learn and ponder, for blind following is stupidity.

Discover yourself, the innocent child in you,

Submit to the Divine Creator, the absolute praise-worthy

One nation you were meant to be, a blessing over humanity,

Now divided into groups, fighting over ethnicity

Intoxicated with wealth, blind with pride,

Little do you talk about humbleness and charity

Running a rat race, you’ll never be satisfied,

So identify the extremes and redefine normality.

– Aamer Saadi

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